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What's new at PA ???

Steady as she goes !!!

The new Wieldy CinePro steadi stabilizer is fully equipped and supplied with the carbon fiber sled, dual arm CineElastic support arm system and a comfortable full torso vest system.

Highly adjustable for taller operators, the steadi can handle camera loads of 3 to 16 lbs.

High grade materials throughout, aircraft grade aluminum with anodized steel spring structure, the sled is carbon fiber.

The package includes the sled, camera mounting and centering plates, the padded vest, a dual arm system with quick release, weights and a carry case.

Complete steadi system

$65.00 per day

How much is it? You don't say !!!

We can't help but notice that using the internet to get a price for something in the Denver equipment rental market is very difficult.

After checking every other firm that offers production equipment we can't tell. They just don't say.  WHY?  That too is a great mystery. 

For example:



A simple enough question.

At PRODUCER'S ADVANTAGE we actually list the exact contents and tell you how much.  We bill 1 day over 3 and a 2 day week.

(In this case it's $85 per day, $170 per week)

It's that simple.

We don't have trucks but can provide you with racks and ratchet straps so you can bring your own. A 6ft. x 4ft. rack rents for $5. Even if you rented a UHAUL cube truck for $20 per day, your savings will be HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS A DAY, plus no extensive insurance is required.


LitePanels and other LED lights

Litepanels continues to expand and enhance their formidable LED line with the introduction of the Astra Bi-Color LED Panel.  The Astra 1x1 SOFT has variable tungsten to daylight color temperature with negligible color shift, 0-100% dimming. You can also run the fixture on Anton/Bauer batteries. The gold mount plate has been pre-installed.

  • Higher intensity equals longer throw with wider effective beam spread    Dimming from 0-100% 
  • No noticeable color shift throughout the entire range 
  • Flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle

Also added to our lighting department is a pair of DRACAST 500LED bi-color tactical fixtures. 

Easily located in hard environments, they also have a DC battery option.

Be as warm as you want

The cold weather has no chance. Snow, sleet, ice is no longer a problem.

We carry the ESA Reddy Heater RM100LP - a high grade exterior set and construction heater. Not for interior use.

Forced air type, AC powered high velocity fan, three output settings of 45,000, 65,000 and 100,000 BTU thermostatically controlled.

We include the portable heater, hose, regulator and a propane canister (which will need to be exchanged for a full tank, we provide a partially filled tank).

$25 per day, 2 day week

Projector & Screen - Popular !!!

Producer's Advantage carries many projectors and screens but this packages is the RENTER'S FAVORITE

High grade brand name equipment insure a perfect experience, easy set-up and transport.

Included are:

BenQ 3200 lumen Full HD projector (1080p, HDMI, remote) and a professional Da-Lite 72262 Versatol 60 in. x 60 in. Da-Mat white portable tripod-type screen.

Suitable for small to medium sized groups of up to about 50 people.

Wireless handheld mic's & PA speakers are also available !!!

Creative Camera Control

Kessler's new Rocker Jib Arm can get you into, above and away from your shot smoothly and with a professional look.

Designed for cameras up to nine pounds the arm reach is 51 inches (over 4 ft.) and can hit 9 ft. 

Includes the jib arm, counter weight, Manfrotto tripod & dolly and Manfrotto tripod head.

A complete system !!!

$75.00 per day


Our experience speaks for itself.


Operating out of a warehouse location allows us to keep costs down.  Those discounts are passed down to you.

It's a nice place, but it's no jewelry store. Just a good basic location for renting the gear you actually need.

This allows us to bills 1 day over 3. By example, if you pick-up Monday "pick-up day", Tuesday is the "use" day, and Wednesday is the "return day". That's a 1 day billing.

If you keep an order for 7 days (say, Tuesday to the next Tuesday) your are billed 2 days.

Equipment Consignment Program

Generally, you can't use all of your owned equipment all the time. Vacations or just taking a break make your equipment available should another professional user have need.

At Producer's Advantage, we can rent your unused gear for you. You receive a Certificate of Insurance, we store it securely until rented out and will promote it on our web site.

The best part is you receive 70% of the rental rate. PA only gets a 30% cut.  

Better than others who offer only a 50/50 deal.

For more information call or email us.

Student, Educator and Indy Packages

We have very special programs for Educators, Students and Schools.

Simpler HD camera systems that introduces young creatives to film-making with no technical intimidation.

We provide them with all the equipment necessary to tell their story. We also provide whatever instruction is necessary to operate the equipment safely and successfully.

Best part is that we may provide the equipment and instruction at no charge.

We support the young creatives IN A REAL WAY. For more information please call us.

Call us: (720) 484-6972


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